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The Technology

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HYDROSTAR systems are simple • Uses proprietary, safe, non-toxic electrolyte, B9 • Produces no CO2 or other greenhouse gases.


HydroStar has developed a new, proprietary electrolyte called B9 that enables low- cost production of Hydrogen without emission of Carbon Dioxide. Our patent pending electrolyzer called HERO is manufactured with stainless steel and achieves similar efficiencies to current state-of-the-art electrolyzer technology, but without any safety concerns and at only 25% of the cost.

Low-cost HERO electrolyzer $250 – $275 / kW

The key advantage of the HydroStar HERO technology is the low Capital Expense and Operating Expense derived from B9, the revolutionary, green electrolyte.

The stack cost of HERO is considerably less than that of current state-of-the-art hydrogen generation technologies due to the use of safe and non-corrosive B9 and the ability of HERO to function without power conditioning to connect to DC systems.HydroStar’s HERO stack has no moving parts and, therefore, is very easy to operate and maintain.

HydroStar USA has been validated by 3rd party groups including Tsing Hua University of China and Oregon State University.